The week in writing – October 18

Kate Beaton, of Hark! A Vagrant, is interviewed by The AV Club. Beaton has also written more Wuthering Heights comics.

Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Žižek appears at Occupy Wall Street: Part 1, Part 2. And The Chronicle looks at the philosophical origins of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Author James Bradley provides a form guide for the Booker Prize.

In an ambitious project researchers have collected over 6,000 personal letters of Ernest Hemingway. They expect to publish them across 16 volumes and the first,  The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, 1907-1922, is now available. Although Hemingway did not want his letters published his surviving son has said that the letters “will elucidate his humanity, which is what people are always looking for in a writer”.